Local Government

Local Government

The County of Powhatan is governed by a five-member Board of Supervisors that are elected by district.  The daily operations of the County are managed by the County Administrator.  The County has adopted a Comprehensive Land Use Plan, and Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances.

Vision 2030

Our local government provides an attainable quality of life for a diverse citizenry. Our commitment to rural character and a quality education system, along with excellent public safety, health, and human service professionals provides the climate that enables our residents to achieve their aspirations. Our transparent and responsible decisions enable this future to unfold purposefully.
The Board sets standards, holds true to its intentions, and embraces accountability by focusing on the following:

Stewards of the Land

Powhatan County is a vibrant rural community that protects, preserves and encourages the responsible use of its natural resources to ensure a strong sense of place where residents enjoy open space, farming, and superior outdoor recreational opportunities.

Strong, Robust Economy

Powhatan County is a pro-business community that utilizes all available tools to attract investment and create jobs to encourage a robust, diverse economy that meets the needs of our citizens while maintaining our rural character.

Public Health and Safety

As a community, we recognize the fundamental truth that all public good flows from public order and safety for all citizens. This manifests itself in suitable health care, courteous public safety officials, quick responses to dangers to public health and safety, and ongoing responsiveness to the human service needs of our diverse population.

Lifelong Quality Education

An educated citizenry is the foundation of democratic government. We have a quality educational system that produces thoughtful, inquisitive, and productive graduates. Our system is transparent, accountable to the community, and implements cutting edge ideas that improve quality, cost-effectiveness, and relevancy to the job market.

Fiscal Accountability

Powhatan County is a fiscally responsible, transparent, and accountable community.


Powhatan County provides the necessary infrastructure which meets the current and future needs of the County and contributes to a sustainable community.

Local and Regional Collaboration

Through our local and regional partnerships, Powhatan County enhances the overall quality of life of its residents. These efforts save the taxpayer the expense of “carrying the burden alone” and expand the community’s ability to benefit from the common effort.